Microsoft Word App Reviews

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Love this app

My laptop froze and I wasnt able to use Microsoft word..I was so glad that I was able to download the app and have it work just as great..this app is a life saver

excellent app

love it and useful app to create any work

Seamless sharing with one drive

An excellent addition to my iPhone apps. Literally work on the go.

Best App Ever!

Im a full-time student and this app has proven to be extremely helpful multiple times. My favorite feature is that I can start drafting papers on my phone, and I can continue writing them at the school desktops.

Absolutely Fantastic!

Microsoft Word has always been my preferred method of typing documents and such. It is a relief to have access to it on my relatively new iPad. Never again will I have to put up with Pages or Google Docs, Im staying legit with Word. Would give more stars if possible. Highly recommended.

Love using word!

I use Word on my iPad Pro so it is travel ready all the time. Easy to learn basics...havent tried to learn all that is available but getting there!

Has gotten really bad

Ive used the Word app for a while, and it used to be ok. Lately, though, it shuts down constantly. It wont update the inbox, and if I try to write an email, the app shuts down before I can even get two words typed. Very frustrating! I hope they fix this soon.


I am happy with the free version. I love being able to have certain documents available when out without internet. I find this to be invaluable. However, as much as I desire to have the full version, as stated by someone else, if there was a one time fee, I would most likely purchase it. It is unfortunate I am unable to afford the monthly cost. Even if it was at a lesser cost per month I would consider it because I do really very much love having "word" available. So, thank you for the app, sincerely. I do wish I could afford the upgraded version.

Love it

I love that I access my documents through my phone.

Love it

Awesome program to use and portable on anything.

Great tool!

You will not need to get home to your PC or lap top anymore! You can create, edit, modify and do whatever you like to your documents from your iPad or iPhone and the best thing about it is that is very easy to do!

Great app!

I love it! Super effective and simple to use!

Crash crash crash crash

Crashes all of the time. Try to open a document that I had opened earlier? Crash. Close and open the app? Crash. Probably the most buggy app I have on my new iPad Pro. Takes me several times of closing and opening to get it to work. Also, it really needs fully integrated Google Drive support like it has for Dropbox and OneDrive and all of those other random cloud services. I want to be able to use google drive as easily as it does for all of those other cloud services. Please go talk to google and work together to fix this.

Excellent MS Word "port"...a few things missing

Overall, this is an excellent "port" of MS Word. It preserves much of the full version of Words core word processing functions (e.g., most formatting features, the ruler, tables, lists), but leaves a few things to be desired. Namely, it doesnt allow you to set default options for new documents; it doesnt allow you to easily create footnotes; and it doesnt allow you to easily create templates for later use. Still, its light years above Pages (IMO), and Id recommend it to any iPad user whos looking for a reliable, consistently great word processor.


Free and easy to use. Its nice to do my school work when Im away from home and dont want to carry my laptop. Plus printing is easy. Great app!

Works great

It take a little time to get used to, Its missing some of the things I want Word to do, like remember references.

Very good!

Very good!

Essential is an understatement

The best word-processor for your desktop, laptop, tablet, IPad, and phone.

Great but needs a few tweaks

This app has been great but needs just a few tweaks. Being able to insert symbols would be nice.

Love it

Im in college and I used word for homework and research all the time.

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